9/11/13 - 'Work Ban on Refugees Could Threaten Society' - SCMP

On 9 November 2013 the South China Morning Post printed an article entitled, ‘Work Ban on Refugees Could Threaten Society’ (attached).  The article discusses the right to work for refugees and asylum seekers.  Mr Mark Daly stated in the article that the current system in Hong Kong turns otherwise intelligent and productive people into beggars.  Further, Mr Daly said that the ban infringed various human rights provisions.  Ms Patricia Ho, also a solicitor from Daly & Associates, stated that the government in denying refugees and asylum seekers the right to work has created a huge social problem of its own making.  In January 2014, the Court of Final Appeal will hear a landmark case in which three refugees are seeking the right to work.  Please read further in the attached newspaper article.